In October of 2016, we held our 1st Pop-up Shop! We provided clothes for men, women, boys and girls, as well as shoes and other accessories. We created a department store feel by hanging the clothing on racks and allowing our "homies" to shop and pick what they wanted and/or needed. When a person becomes homeless, they lose more than just their home. More often than not, they lose their job, car, friends, family sense of pride, etc. Among all the things that have been lost, the most basic and probably the most humbling is their right to choose. Our focus is to give them their choice back, by allowing them to choose what they want and didn't want. But wait, there's more... Our Pop-up Shop is not limited to our "homies." We have also hosted a Pop-up shop for foster care families who have children who are also often in need of clothing.

Pop-Up Shop